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Best dashboards out there!
I wish I had it when I was consulting!


Focused Client Data Extraction
Dentrix. Eaglesoft. Open Dental.

DentaMetrix puts all you could want,
all in one place—your desktop, or smartphone, or tablet, or….

Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to sort through all the noise and numbers and give you understanding — with data you can trust? And take a deeper dive than just some superficial charts? Well, DentaMetrix can! Check out the overview in the video.

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Unlock the Secrets & Plug the Profit Leaks
with Actionable Business Intelligence


Executive View

For the Doctors. As much or as little as they want.

Some doctors relish the details, but many just want to know ‘what time it is’: they do not want to know how the watch was made. Well, DentaMetrix lets them have it ‘their way’! They can toggle between Summary and Full data views—on the go!

  • Check Production—for today, yesterday and tomorrow
  • Review A/R and Collections (Sorry, can’t tell you ‘tomorrow’ yet!)
  • See not just New Patients but retention too
  • Know the health of your recare program
  • View missed Opportunities and Alerts


For the Practice Management Consultant and/or experienced Manager

If you want more than the Executive Summary view, you may take a deeper dive into all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/Monitors. You (and everyone) can Create your own Favorites and customized Reports/Views to find what you want quickly—every time.

  • Colorful simple Charts for trend analysis
  • Review scheduling and pre-appointment activities
  • Track case acceptance and % of appointments completed
  • PPO Wizard to track true write-offs—and patients affected
  • Design and track your own Procedure Groups
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Operational View

For Daily use by the Team—clinical as well as administrative.

Where the rubber hits the road: track Opportunities and Alerts. Like, not just new patients, but also how many of them ‘stick’! How about being able to set a minimum value of treatment plan to track so you can focus on the ‘big stuff’? Or create a Group for text or email blasts?

  • Unscheduled List by Aging, Type and/or Amount
  • See who left without pre-appointments
  • See who is delinquent and/or has no future appt.
  • Send texts and emails directly from the program
  • Create Groups to search for Opportunities

If you would like to explore
whether or not we are a good fit for your practice,
we would enjoy having that conversation.
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